Deer feeders can be the answer to all the land managers prayers. They can also be a pain in the rear if selected improperly. Anyone that has just put out a 50 gallon drum of corn in the hopes of attracting deer will tell you it ain’t that easy.

A lot of things can go wrong and result in a huge waste of money. Or even worse, you can spend a whole bunch of money and have no deer to show for it. All deer hunters that have been managing deer for any amount of time have made a “deer feeder mistake”.

You spend $70 on parts. Then you spend $50 on corn or feed. Then you take 5 hours out of your Saturday to put up this fantastic feeding station. The site is beautiful and you are really pumped up. The trail camera is in place to capture on the pictures and you quitely back out of the area full of anticipation.

Unfortunately you return in 14 days just to see 32 pictures on the trail camera. WTH! What in the heck could have happened? Have the deer not found our deer feeder station? Do they not like the feed? Why are only squirrels, racoons and a possum visting this restaurant?

Deer are complex animals and the problem could be related to a wide variety of causes. Hopefully you were careful with your scent and wore your hunting clothes that had not been containmenated by gasoline and other unnatural odors. This site is dedicated to finding the best deer feeders and helping all the deer hunters out they make sure they don’t fall into the typical traps a lot of folks have fallen victim too.

If you are shopping for a deer feeder you are going to wade through dozens of brands. For sake of time and money we are going to focus on only the best and most qualified deer feeder companies. Our short list is Moultrie, Boss Buck, American Hunter Products, On Time, Wildgame Innovations, Biologic, and Primos.

    Moultrie Feeders has great brand recognition when it come to deer hunting management equipment. The Moultrie game cameras have a great reputation as high performance and affordable. The deer feeders from Moultrie have the same reputation and are really a great value. We will cover these feeders in more detail at a later time.
    Boss Buck is a Texas company and really has strong roots in the state. The mineral and protein feeders are used extensively on large ranches in the lone star state. The made in the USA stamp is what this company stands for and the quality shows.
    American Hunter Feeders is also based in Texas and is part of the GSM Outdoors family. They come from the same parent as other great products like Stealth Cam, Louisville Slugger and Walkers Game Ear. They offer a deer feeder for any situation and for an economical price.
    On Time is a great name for a an automatic game feeder company. After all, who wants a feeder that is late. This LA based company offers quite a lot of innovation and quality. They offer a value line and premium line of electronic feeder timers. These units are backed with a lifetime warranty.
    You would have to be living under a rock if you don’t know Wildgame Innovations. They are the LA company that is behind half the deer feeder and feed products on the market. There ability to brand and market is beyond most other companies. We could only hope their deer minerals were half as effecitve as their brand leverage.